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✨ For patients, WhatsUpDoctor™ opens doors to a level of engagement with your personal physician that was once considered impractical. Embrace a new era of healthcare where communication with your doctor is convenient and seamless.

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With our repeat prescriptions feature, managing your healthcare is a breeze. Say goodbye to unnecessary hurdles when renewing essentials like asthma medication. Experience hassle-free healthcare management with us today!

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Patient reviews

As of 4th of April 2024, more than 2505 doctors in South Africa have signed up to WhatsUpDoctor™. Here is what some of their patients had to say.

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to email us at

    • Is WhatsUpDoctor POPI compliant?

      WhatsUpDoctor is fully POPI compliant. The app does not share user Personal Information unless explicitly stated and consented for e.g. patients sharing data with selected pharmacy for prescriptions or with a doctor. 👉 Click to read our POPI and Privacy Policy.

    • Is data stored securely?

      The communication between patient and doctor is kept confidential, and stored on fully encrypted cloud servers within the borders of South Africa. Also, the communication platform used for WhatsApp messaging is HIPAA certified. ISO 27001 is integrated into our security framework, allowing us to manage information security risks, protect information assets and ensure the protection of client sensitive data.'

    • How are doctors validated?

      All doctors and medical practitioners on WhatsUpDoctor™ are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). This is verified upon practitioner or practice signup.

    • As a patient, do I have access to my own data?

      Patients always have access to own data, including previous prescriptions, and patients also have the ability to opt-out as per POPI regulations. Please refer to the POPI question above which links to the POPI Privacy (Data Protection) policy. 👉 Also refer to PAIA policy.

    • What payment methods are there?

      Credit card via Netcash, voucher payments (offered by doctor), EFT, Zapper, SnapScan.

    • Where is WhatsUpDoctor™ based?

      Both our technical and business teams are located within the borders of South Africa. We have offices in Pretoria and Cape Town. WhatsUpDoctor™ is managed by our co-founder and CEO, Dr Anton Prinsloo.

    • Can I see the Terms and Conditions?

      On sign-up, all users and partners are taken through T&C as part of the standard flow. The Terms and Conditions are also publicly available 👉 this link.

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