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There are approximately 20 million WhatsApp users in South Africa.

Telemedicine is the way forward to reach a doctor/patient through digital consultation due to:
Everyone uses the app
Easy to use for both parties
Free, private and reliable app

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We have a passion to increase quality and affordable primary health care access to the people of South Africa.

Many people face barriers that decrease access to services and increase the risk of poor health outcomes. Obstacles include lack of health insurance, language-related barriers, inability to take time off work to attend appointments, transportation-related barriers and a shortage of primary care providers.

Nurse is establishing independent engagement points with patients, facilitated by smart technology and non-physician providers. This forms the backbone of a primary care patient network, linked to care. The challenge is to engage the patient in an easy, safe and effective way and facilitate clinical measurements and call to actions. The eNurse assisted self-testing health monitoring kiosks are designed to achieve just that!

"Very simple to use. Whatsupdoctor helps me communicate with a doctor especially with having such hectic schedules, instead of wasting time in a waiting room. I can now spend more time on what’s important and I don’t slow down."

- Paul

"I love this service! As a mother, I know my children never get sick at 9am in the morning when I have lots of time to take them to a doctor. It is always at 4pm or during the night. Now I can message and get the medication I need and I can go before the chemist closes or as they open."

- Sarah

"I used to dread having to go see a doctor just for a repeat prescription. Now I can simply send a few messages on my phone and it get sent directly to my chemist and I can pick it up 2 hours later. Brilliant!"

- Jacques

"Just incredibly convenient and useful. With the recent pandemic making it difficult to see a doctor in person, WhatsUpDoctor was truly a life saver."

- Bruno